My IT Toolbox

Tools of my success

Anytime I rebuild my workstation I typically deploy a handful of tools that are, in my opinion, critical to my success.

Below is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite tools deployed on my workstation.

Notepad ++ is my go-to text editor for all my scripting needs. I write almost all of my scripts in PowerShell and Notepad++ has great syntax highlighting and is simply/easy to use.

Snagit Screen Capture – Snagit is the Windows Snipping Tool on steroids, having the ability to quick capture a section of the screen, add highlighting or overlays allows me to make detailed customer facing documentation that is clean and clear.

SimplyFile – Simply File is my favorite Outlook plugin. Simply File scans my entire Outlook folder structure and provides recommendations for filing messages after I reply or simply need to get it out of my inbox. It also has features to create quick tasks & schedule meetings directly from a message.

Roboform – Roboform has been my primary form fill / password management tool for the past 15 years. There are lots of Password Management Tools out there, my go-to has always been Roboform. They have great browser integration and mobile app (I use an Apple iPhone). – This is the newest addition to my Toolbox but one of my favorites. Krisp is AI driven scrubber that removes background noise from your mic or speaker with a few simple clicks. As a traveling consultant I’m always taking calls from the train, airports or busy coffee shops. This is one of the best return on investments. Krisp allows me to sound professional on calls regardless of the background music or overhead announcements.

Microsoft Edge – Microsoft’s new Chromium based browser is their best browser to date.